Throughout our history, our focus has been on creating partnerships and building for the future together.

Creating a foundation for sustained growth.

We take a patient and long-term approach to investing, seeking to build sustainable growth as opposed to scale for the sake of scale.

If we do our jobs, our window in the ultimate life of our companies will be a small one, and the foundations and principles that we helped to instill will continue to guide the companies for continued growth well beyond our involvement.

Our investment approach is guided by the following principles:

Partnership mentality.

Our goal is to be a partner to business owners and management teams. We support management and provide strategic guidance based on years of experience across many sectors and cycles. We look to back teams with a vision and aptitude for growth, and we supplement that vision with our expertise and resources to support the ultimate execution of our shared plans.

Aligned incentives.

We structure our transactions in a straightforward manner to minimize complexity and ensure everyone is working toward the same goals. We want our management teams to be invested alongside of us, and we invite them to do so in the same securities and on the same terms — what is good for us is good for you.

Disciplined approach to building growth.

Growth presents both opportunities and challenges for companies. In addition to providing capital to achieve that growth, we take the steps and make the necessary investments to build the foundation needed to support and sustain that growth. We make sure that the human capital, technology, systems, processes and overall infrastructure are in place to support the scaling of the business.

Target sectors where we bring experience.

We target investment opportunities in sectors where we can bring the greatest value — specialty manufacturing, value-added distribution, consumer products, and business services. We often seek to tap the expertise of our networks or third-party relationships to provide additional strategic insight and resources for our companies.

Prudent use of leverage.

We take the time to understand the needs of the business to ensure we are putting the appropriate transaction together to achieve our shared goals. We do not seek to engineer our returns through maximizing the use of debt, but instead structure our investments in a way that will allow for execution of the investment thesis while managing risk.