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Goldner Hawn Welcomes Tom Prentice as an Outside Strategic Advisor

Goldner Hawn is pleased to announce the appointment of Tom Prentice as an outside Strategic Advisor. Mr. Prentice will be an active board member working closely with select Goldner Hawn manufacturing companies in developing growth strategies and process improvement implementations.

Mr. Prentice brings over 30 years of industry experience and currently serves as president of Medical Combination Products LLC, a consulting firm supporting design, manufacturing, regulatory, project management, and quality for the medical device and pharmaceutical industries, including combination products.

Mr. Prentice spent most of his professional career at Medtronic where he held various leadership positions in manufacturing, operations, supply chain, and technology implementation, including leader of Medtronic’s global manufacturing council. Additionally, Tom was a founding member of CNS Therapeutics (“CNS”), a developer of pharmaceuticals for the treatment of neurological disorders and chronic pain. CNS was acquired by Mallinckrodt, the pharmaceuticals business of Covidien (a Tyco International spin-off) in 2013, and Covidien was later acquired by Medtronic.

Mr. Prentice has an extensive history of working with private equity firms to assist portfolio company management teams in identifying growth avenues through operational process improvements. Over the past several years, Tom has participated in seven private equity exits through consulting, board membership, or minority ownership.  Tom has been involved in multiple due diligence teams throughout his career. Tom is an active board chairman for one company and a board member for several companies, including Steven Label, a Goldner Hawn portfolio company.

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