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Goldner Hawn Portfolio Company Matrix Adhesives Group Completes Acquisition of Adaseal

Matrix Adhesives Group (“Matrix”), a Goldner Hawn portfolio company, recently acquired Adaseal International (“Adaseal”). The acquisition of Adaseal expands Matrix’s capabilities while strengthening its commitment to provide a broad suite of formulating, compounding, manufacturing, and packaging solutions to its customers.

Located in Waverly, Tennessee, Adaseal is one of America’s foremost private label packager and supplier of RTV silicone, sealants, and adhesives. Adaseal offers complete private label packaging for businesses that desire custom branded product lines, as well as special packaging needs for 100% RTV silicone, sealants, and adhesives packaged in cartridges, aerosol cans “power cans”, and squeeze tubes.

About Matrix Adhesives Group
Matrix Adhesives Group is a leading adhesive and sealant solutions development partner specializing in formulating, filling, blending, and contract packaging for consumer and industrial markets. For more information, visit Matrix Adhesive Group’s website at

About Goldner Hawn
Goldner Hawn was founded in 1989 in Minneapolis, Minnesota and has been a source of private capital to leading lower middle market companies for over 30 years. With an investment philosophy centered on the principle of partnership, Goldner Hawn seeks to back management teams of businesses with $5 million to $20 million of EBITDA in industries including specialty manufacturing, value-added distribution, consumer products and services, and outsourced business services. Goldner Hawn has made over 100 platform and add-on investments in companies with total transaction values exceeding $4 billion. For more information, call 612-338-5912 or visit